~ Said.FM ~

About Us

Said.FM, founded in 2020, was created by a team of mobile developers that believed in the same vision. Releasing open source tweaked apps to the public. We realized there was a demand for premium apps on both the playstore and the app store, and not everyone can afford to pay for them. Therefore, we filled the gap. As some of you may know, the old ways of jailbreaking and rooting devices are no longer relevant. With new injection techniques discovered, bypassing file systems and checksums is now a breeze, making it faster than ever to get the apps you desire on your device.

Apps we actively maintain

Below you will find a list of tweaked apps that are actively updated and maintained by the developers here at Said.FM. The tweaks released are compatible with all operating systems, and devices, but using a mobile device is highly recommended. They are available for everyone around the world to use, and free of charge. Simply tap or click on any of the apps listed below and start the process to inject it on your device. Once injected you will be able to use it instantly. No jailbroken or rooted devices are needed to use these apps. Enjoy!