Just in time for Christmas…

Today we’ve launched a new version of, which you can consider a little Christmas gift from us! We’ve got oft-requested new features, a new logo and a new look website, all with an aim to make the experience that much happier for you.

Take your favourite audio with you:

Now you can create your own collection of favourite programs and curations for syncing to your iPhone, iPod or other mobile device so that you can listen on the go. Commuters: we’ve just made your journey to work a little easier to fill with good listening.

with Twitter:

We’ve used Twitter as our first sign-in method: you don’t have to spend time creating yet another website profile and it allows for one-click logins. Neat! Once you’ve signed-in, you’ll be able to create your own audio queue and see which items you’ve already added and synced to your mobile device.

New design:

Complete with our new logo is a new design for the website. We hope it’s a little easier to use and just a tiny bit prettier too ;o)

Take a look and let us know…

Hit-up and try it out. We’re keen to hear feedback – comment here.

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