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Our 3rd RadioBox will be happening soon and in the run up to it we’ve partnered with SoundCloud for you to record and submit your stories on the theme of music on the web.

The music world has changed dramatically since the rise of the web and we want to know how this has or hasn’t affected you. What are the stories behind this change? What does it mean for your music making and distributing as a musician as a musician? How does it affect your experience of enjoying music as a listener?

Perhaps it hasn’t changed anything at all… maybe your favourite indie band can only be enjoyed during a live concert in an underground music venue. On the other hand maybe it’s completely changed your making or listening behaviour… perhaps all the web tools have let the music you make be heard by many… you can interact with your fans directly… or has meant you can discover new music quickly and easily.

Whatever your story, we would love it if over the next week you can hit the handy SoundCloud record button to air and share. Please get your stories in by Friday 25th March!

What happens to your story?

We’re going to steal your stories and pretend they’re our own!

Nah!, you know we wouldn’t do that and being the undercover tech hippies that we are, we’ve set the SoundCloud submission account for all recordings to be under the creative commons licence. During our next public audio screening, aka RadioBox (in April), we’ll air the best story submissions.

The Hack Part

We’ll also be running a hack weekend in London on 26th – 27th March for makers to build fun stuff with your stories and associated metadata. So, for the makers out there (hackers, designers, web geeks) get in touch if you’re interested – we have a limited number of spaces.

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